Abi Hayan's Grammatical Efforts through His Book Resorption of Beating from the Tongue of the Arabs

  • Sabah Daier Al-Ghanimi


The book “Irtishaf al-Dharb min Lisan al-Arab" can be considered as a grammatical encyclopedia in which Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi relied on the sources and resources of grammar in his age and time then, and he presented this book and shown to public after he studied the views and opinions of the grammarians preceding him, so he benefited from them, thus his book included the summary of his grammatical and linguistic opinions in this respect. Abu Hayyan took a unique approach among grammarians in writing this book which represents the mixture of both western and eastern cultures. This book shows us the perception to which the Arabic mind reached and mounted in studying the grammar and linguistics, and all these reasons stimulated me to study Abi Hayyan Al-Andalusi and his efforts through his book “Irtishaf al-Dharb min Lisan al-Arab".