Difference between Actual Teaching Behaviours, Preparation Programmes and Visions Concerning Teaching for the Iraqi Prospective English Teachers

  • Yasien Mashhoot Taher


        The objective of this study is to explore the difference between actual teaching behaviours, preparation programmes and visions concerning teaching for the Iraqi prospective English teachers. This study focuses on three English prospective teachers in Iraq. Information was gathered via three tools: a focus group, a semi-structured interview, and an observation sheet. The research outcomes showed that the existence of a difference among what EFL prospective teachers study in their preparation programme, their visions concerning successful teaching, and actual behaviours in a classroom. The partakers showed causes for why not implement what they have studied academically which consist of the unsatisfactory preparation programme. Learner's low level, lack of class time, learner's unwillingness of replacing the method they are using for learning, lack of tools in classrooms, the learner's desire of using the mother language in learning and in a single case the teacher himself favored the grammar-translation approach. This study suggests some recommendations like early organization among schools and teacher preparation institutions, merging the expert teachers in the process of preparing courses to attempt for breaching the difference between implementation and theory and the college professors ought to examine the specified reasons for the difference between implementation and theory and improve teacher's preparation programmes in accordance.