Transcending Patriarchal Limitations: A Study Of John Webster' s The Duchess Of Malfi

  • Ikhlas Muhammed Nati, Lamiaa Ahmed Rasheed


The paper intends to investigate the creativity of the English dramatist John Webster(c.1580- c.1634) in presenting new portrait of the female character who goes beyond the limitations  of man's control at his time. He provides the audience with  a different balance in the relationships between gender . For the first time a playwright makes a radical change by showing woman as a strong ,robust ,and  durable character in his tragedies .In his masterpieces  The Duchess Of Malfi (1612-1613) , he breaks the stereotypical image of the weak woman by picturing woman who exceeds man's limitation and places her in the center . In the two plays Webster succeeds in changing the tradition image of woman by presenting powerful and self-defiant  female in patriarchal society.