Effect Of SCAMPER Program For Generating Ideas On The Divergent Thinking Of The Fourth Grade Students In Physics

  • L. Wisaam Khlf Jassim, L. Firas Hazim Hadi


This research aimed to identify the effect of Scamper program to generate ideas on divergent thinking among students of the fourth (scientific) stage in physics , The researchers  chose the experimental approach of partial control , the research community was the fourth (scientific) students in government preparatory  schools in Al-Diwaniyah city for the academic year (2019 - 2020) , its number was 32 preparatory and secondary schools. The researchers  randomly chose AlKarama school for  boys. Two classes were chosen from four classes randomly. The number of members of the two research groups reached (48) students , (24) students for each class . The factors affecting the experiment were adjusted, such as age and intelligence. The researchers  prepared a scale of Divergent thinking consisting of six items represents domains of divergent thinking which are (link fluency - thought fluency - fluency of forms - verbal fluency - automatic flexibility - resilience to meanings) After insure the psychometric properties the researchers  found the results and analyzed them using SPSS, the results of the research showed, Teaching with a scamper model has a positive effect on divergent thinking, the researchers  recommended a number of recommendations and suggestions.