The Effect of Teaching by Questions Network Strategy on Analytical Thinking of Second Intermediate Students in History Subject

  • M. Zaid Alwan Abbas, M. Wissam Aziz Obaid


     This  research aimed to identify the effect of teaching by strategy of the network of questions on analytical thinking of the second intermediate grader students in the subject of history, to achieve this , a two-month experiment was conducted, as the researchers randomly selected Al-Zohoor school for boys by lottery way to apply the experiment, the research sample identified as (50) Students , (25) students for the experimental group and (25) students for the control group, the equivalence of the two groups were in variables (age, intelligence, parents' academic levels , testing of last information, previous achievement), the researchers adopted the semi -experimental design of two equal groups (experimental and Control), the experiment was applied in the first course of the academic year (2019-2020), SPSS used to extract the results of the research that showed existence of statistically significant difference in favor of the experimental group that studied by strategy of questions network , in light of the results , the researchers developed a number of recommendations and proposals.