Battle of Hanin in the lexicon of the Arabs Ibn Manzur (d. 711 AH / 1311 CE)

  • Abdu Lzahra Oudahluall-AL-swaledl


The prophetic biography is rich in every aspect of life. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) did not join the supreme companion until after he left many traces for those who want to imitate him in education, culture, education and other affairs of life. The authors singled out many works and books about the fragrant prophetic biography.

The research on the biography of the Prophet was not restricted to jurists, owners of hadith, historians and other stakeholders, but rather went to other writers, linguists and owners of dictionaries, and today I found my way to the era of the message through the linguistic dictionary of San al-Arab by Ibn Manzur (d. 711 AH / 1311AD). It is one of the largest and most comprehensive dictionaries of the Arabic language, as it included eighty thousand linguistic items between its two covers, and I learned through these linguistic materials a historical article about the era of the message, so I chose one of the Prophet’s prayers (peace and blessings be upon him), which is the battle of Hanin