Effectiveness of the Business Intelligence System in the manufacturing decision-making process: The Case in Fertilizer Companies

  • Mohammad Herli, Bambang Tjahjadi, Hamidah, Hafidhah


Decision-making process is an essential task in every company and organization. However, there are still many decisions made based only on experience/intuition and sometimes even override conclusive supporting evidence. This is caused by the lack of data and the absence of linkages between the data and the objectives to be achieved. The purpose of this study To illustrate the benefits of Business Intelligence in supporting the decision-making process, we conducted a case study on the largest fertilizer manufacturing company in Indonesia that has implemented BI in its business activities. This research presents the vital role of Business Intelligence (BI) in the decision-making process based on accurate data available in the BI system. Business Intelligence can provide an overview of the company's current conditions related to profit potential, product stock, sales targets, and overall company assets. BI integration in companies can help management in strategic decision making, ease of adaptation to changing environments, and competitive advantage