Procedural Knowledge In Stoichiometry’s Problem Solving

  • Salina Abdullah Sangguro, Johari Surif, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim, Muhammad Abdul Hadi Bunyamin


This qualitative study aims to assess the procedural knowledge level of stoichiometry’s problem solving among the students. A total of 172 students from five different schools in the state of Sabah chosen as respondents in this study. The data obtained from an open-ended test named ‘Stoichiometry’s Achievement Level Test’ or UTPSK. The result of the study showed that most of the students’ achievement level for procedural knowledge was low. It also indicated that the students’ alternative framework appeared on each of the questions. It hoped that the results from this research could provide meaningful input towards students’ learning and contribute to the importance of procedural knowledge to boost the ability of students problem-solving in chemistry.