A Critical Review of Fragmentation Issues in the Construction Industry

  • Salman Riazi Mehdi Riazi, Mohd Firdaus Zainuddin, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi, Suria Musa4 Angela Lee


The construction industry has generally been regarded as one of the least productive sectors worldwide, with issues ranging from the more common problems, such as delays and cost overruns, to more inter-connected and complex, such as conflicts, safety, client satisfaction, quality, value for money and many more. These poor performances have been closely attributed to the fragmentation that surrounds construction industry practices, whereby construction processes often take place in a sequential manner, and parties typically work in isolation with minimal interfaces between them. This fragmented scenario has ensued the industry as unable to perform efficiently and as being synonymous with problems. This paper therefore aims to critically review past research and literatures towards identifying the fragmentation issues that have been surrounding the construction industry worldwide. The result: 46 factors were compiled from 27 sources, thus indicating that fragmentation is indeed a significant and universal problem within the construction industry. The findings in this paper is expected to provide a platform for effective solutions to be strategized in future towards improving productivity rates in construction.