Digital Food Marketing and Delivery of Ethnic Food Impacts on Culinary Business

  • Saiful Anwar Matondang, Siti Rahma, Tashliyah Haramain


The digital application has made an integrated system of the ethnic food with new or fusion cuisines. The online system now covers the marketing delivery of ethnic food. This research paper was the result of survey of ethnic food vendors that have joined the digital marketing and delivery of ethnic food since 2016. A survey design was conducted from May to July 2019 in North Sumatra Province. Data obtained showed that the rate growth of ethnic food businesses of North Sumatra increased 10-20 % during three years (2016-2019). The talent of ethnic food specialists to develop mixed and fusion local gastronomy with non- Sumatra and western cuisines also tended to rise in the observation periods. It concluded that the digital marketing and delivery of ethnic food of North Sumatra Province has led the growth of demands and sales as well as the need for making the talented local food specialists that could develop and combine the local food within fusion menus.