Satisfaction and Loyalty Model for University Students Based on Industrial Revolution 4.0 Management

  • Bahtiar Jamili Zaini, Rosnalini Mansor, Norhayati Yusof, Nizam Sarkawi


Students’ satisfaction and loyalty are one of issues that the university’s management need to address.  There are many factors influence both values to the students.  Factors influenced students’ satisfaction such as such as instructor, administration, curriculum, physical and social environment, and technology facilities while students’ satisfaction, university’s image, student’s trust, and service quality influence students’ loyalty. However, these factors have high correlated among them. In addition, students’ satisfaction and loyalty are also influenced by the student's background such as gender and the type of program occupied.  Thus, this research shall use Partial Least Square structural modelling to construct different model based on field of study and their gender. This study used 469 undergraduate student in one of University in Malaysia. Results from this study revealed that satisfaction from students is the most important elements that contribute students’ satisfaction, followed by the university image and students’ commitment. Based on different field of study model, analysis shows that technology is very important in order to make sure that the students’ are satisfied and loyal to their university. On the other hand, analysis based on gender shows that female student model have a same pattern with overall student loyalty model but the male student loyalty model is simpler just consist student satisfaction. As overall, factors technology, social environment and quality of instructor gave a great influence towards student satisfaction. Therefore, so as to improve student satisfaction, those institutions need to keep improving to satisfy students’ requirement.