Model of Employee Performance: Ability, Motivation, and Opportunity in Manufacturing Company

  • Johan Oscar Ong, Masyhudzulhak Mahazan


The main objective of the study is to investigate the relationship between AMO (Ability, Motivation, and Opportunity) and employee performance in manufacturing company. Furthermore, the purpose of this paper is to examine how the organization’s action can increase the performance of their employees. Quantitative methodology is used and primary data is collected in the form of questionnaire using Likert scale and interview. Using structural equation modeling (SEM), it is investigated a random sample of 142 permanent employees selected in a random manner. The partial least squares structural equation modeling tools is used to analyze data which provides evidence of reliability and validity. The result of the study revealed that Motivation has positively influenced the employee performance in manufacturing companies. Ability and Opportunity do not have a significant impact on employee performance. The finding of the study will be information for the Human Resource Department in torching the avenues of improvement in employee performance.