Integrating Culture Religious Dimension in the Cooperative Nature School in Gorontalo Province, Indonesia

  • Sitti Roskina Mas, Abdul Kadim Masaong, Humairah Tipuwo


This research aims to describe (1) the management of a nature-based learning in Bubohu Private Vocational High School of Tourism in Gorontalo; (2) the integration of religious culture on the learning process; (3) the educational values contained in the learning process based on religious culture; and (4) the preservation of wood fossil museum as a learning resource. This study uses a qualitative approach with case study design. The research results shown: (1) the learning management applied in the school is a natural-based scientific learning approach that utilizes nature as space, media and learning object; (2) The integration of religious culture values in learning is held from the start to the end of learning activities; (3) the educative values embodied in nature-based learning include the values of: religious, creativity, patriotic, reading fondness and environmental concern; (4) wood fossil museum is used as learning resource for students, society and as research object.