Body Image Distortion in 11th-12th Years Old Ballerina Measured by Socio-demographic Factor

  • Sheilla Fairuzia Sari, Hamidah


Body image over-thought often happens to the adolescences 11-12 years of age. This study is aimed to point out the representation of body image distortion (BID) in 11-12 years old ballerina measured by socio-demographic factors. It was designed as a quantitative descriptive study where a questionnaire was used as the data collection. Also, the data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and crossed tabulation along with the SPSS. The subjects of this study were 55 ballerinas in their 11-12 years of age. The result was that ballerinas were dominated by a medium level of BID which was 80% and 16,4% of the ballerinas encountered high BID while 3,6% of them experienced low BID. Ballerinas in the age of 11-12 had medium leveled BID which means that the age tends to have BID measured by socio-demographic factors.