Identity built by TOBIKKO fans in Surabaya through the consumption of TOBIKKO Idol’s Merchandise

  • Dyah Ayu Kusumaningrum, Gesang Manggala Putra, Pujo Sakti Nurcahyo


Consumption can create certain identity to consumers. Consumption of merchandise creates identity of fans of certain figure. This study examines fans of Japanese idol toward consumerism culture of a Japanese idol, group from Johnny’s called Hey! Say! JUMP. It aims to reveal the meaning given by the fans to their merchandises, and the identity they got from their activities of consuming goods related to Hey! Say! JUMP. The study was done using ethnography approach in which the authors conducted In-Depth interviews and direct observations to seven informants of Tobikko (Hey! Say! JUMP’s fans) in Surabaya. This study was analyzed by using the theory of Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins. The result shows that through the merchandises of Hey! Say! JUMP, Tobikko get much motivation from the idols which influence their life as well as the ‘media’ to feel closer to the idols. In addition, there are three different identities that built by the seven informants. However, the number of merchandises owned by Tobikko cannot indicate the level of their loyalty to Hey! Say! JUMP.