Communications Audit on the "Tilik Warga Bupati” Program Socialization: A Case Study on the Socialization Activity of Water Reservoirs and MCK (Public Bathing, Washing, and Toilet Facilities)

  • Asri Rizkiana, Yayan Sakti Suryandaru


Background: "Tilik Warga Bupati" program serves to capture the community's aspirations, evaluate the program, and provide direct assistance to the community, which requires the community's participation. This program has several issues, both in the target location selection and its implementation due to a lack of effective communication.

Aim: This research aims to determine the communications audit on the "Tilik Warga Bupati" program socialization.

Method: This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study method. The object of this research is on the socialization of the "Tilik Warga Bupati" program conducted by the Public Relations Division of the Regency in one of the districts in East Java. Interviews were conducted with five informants who were selected purposively. The data collection was conducted through interviews, non-participant observation, and literature studies. The data analysis technique used was an interactive model by Miles & Huberman, which consisted of data reduction, data presentation, and verification. The validity test was done through source triangulation.

Results: The accumulation of data on program socialization indicates the insufficient active role of the community due to the lack of program socialization, where the socialization provides direction and guidance for the community regarding the need for their role as program managers. The analysis of the program socialization indicates that the implementation of the "Tilik Warga Bupati" program requires more varied communication media to support the program's socialization. An evaluation of the overall program socialization has indicated good and effective results in terms of communicating the program itself.

Conclusion: The communications audit on the "Tilik Warga Bupati” program socialization shows that the main problems is not only the lack of socialization but also the ineffective use of communication media.