Marketing Public Relations on the Establishment of Go-Food Company Image in Surabaya City

  • Lalu Muhammad Fahri, Santi Isnaini


Background: The company image is related to public trust. To build relationships with stakeholders as external parties, mass media is needed to help facilitate the work of Public Relations to deliver persuasive messages to be conveyed.

Objective: To find out Marketing Public Relations (MPR) strategy on Go Food in building a corporate image.

Method: This study method used a qualitative approach to the type of descriptive research.

Results: Go-Food's results in shaping its image in Surabaya build a public relations marketing strategy by conducting a series of activities in realizing that strategy. The activities performed included: situation analysis, planning process, implementation, and evaluation of programs that can stimulate the desire to order and customer satisfaction. Situation analysis is an analysis of market conditions before service products will be informed. The results are used in planning to determine a company's public. An evaluation is initiated to gather knowledge and understanding of the implementation result of MPR strategy.

Conclusion: By using marketing strategies, situation analysis and GO-JEK program planning can be implemented to online research that has been conducted by implementing 3 forms of behaviour, namely: ground activation, community activations, and social media activation.