Law Protection for Emergency Patients Health Guarantee Receiver Rejected by Hospital

  • Kurniawan Panca Putra Pamungkas, Gianto Al Imron


National health insurance system in Indonesia was developed by the Social Security Organizing Agency (BPJS), the hospital acts as a health servant who fulfils the rights of patients. However, this does not work optimally because not all hospitals are willing to cooperate with health insurance. This study aims to explain the legal protection of patients receiving health insurance that are rejected by hospitals which not cooperate with health insurance. Method used was descriptive analysis through a statute approach and a conceptual approach related to health services as well as provisions on national health insurance and legal protection. Actions that violate the law of rejection from hospitals can be regulated in Article 1365 BW and lawsuit filed based on UUPK regulated in Article 19 paragraph (1) of UUPK and demanded compensation in the form in accordance with Article 19 paragraph (2) of UUPK.