Sensuality of Women’s Bodies in Music Videos as a Commodity on the Entertainment Market

  • Wulan Goestie Kusumawati, Kandi Aryani Suwito


Background: The entertainment industry is continuously developing today. In practice, sensuality is added as a selling point to give an influence on the attraction toward pieces of works, including music videos. Sensual impression of women’s bodies is presented in a music video as an appeal to produce a sexual effect and pleasure, hence lifting the popularity and album sales.

Objectivity: This research aims to explore sensuality of women’s bodies as presented in music videos using a semiotic method.

Methods: This research employs a semiotic method by exploring and gaining understanding of issues related to the sensuality of women’s bodies in music videos and relating them to the social and economic contexts in which the work is present. Data are collected by observation of the pictures in two music videos, Marionette and Vibrato. Analaysis is performed on the textual signs like selection of outfits, body movements, facial expressions, and the atmosphere built in every scene in the two music videos.

Results: Women’s sensuality in the music videos entitled Marionette and Vibrato is often presented in the body shape and proportion (breasts, buttoms, legs) as well as in the movements and gestures in the dance routines or scenes of body touching. The impression of nudity in close-fitted clothes which cover the body but at the same time showcase the attractiveness of the body, in conjunction with the smile and facial expressions put on by the models in the music videos, is a way to represent women’s sexuality.

Conclusion: Sensuality of women’s bodies in the entertainment industry is used as a commodity to meet the market’s demand.