Direct Social Marketing of Sebung Surabaya in Creating its Group Brand Image

  • Devanya Obelia Faza, Liestianingsih Dwi Dayanti


Background : Social marketing is an adaptation of commercial marketing in the form of programs to influence the voluntary behavior of the public. Social marketing is useful for influencing behavior change and benefits not only for individuals but also for society at large. Sebung Surabaya is a nonprofit organization in Surabaya which is engaged in social welfare. The literature review used by the authors to support the analysis of this research is a social marketing strategy and a nonprofit organization.

Objectives : This study aims to describe the social marketing strategy carried out by Sebung Surabaya in changing behavior.

Methods : The approach used was a qualitative approach by the type of descriptive research. The research data were obtained by in-depth interviews with research informants, namely members of Sebung Surabaya, which included management and mobilizers. Other data were obtained through researchers' observations of Sebung Surabaya as well as documentation and upload activities that are spread through the internet.

Results : The results of this study were that several stages in social marketing, such as analyzing the social marketing environment and selecting target adopters, were not carried out structurally by Sebung Surabaya. However, it did not interfere with the course of social marketing and the activities of Sebung Surabaya. Sebung Surabaya is still able to increase the number and change the behavior of its members to be more positive through educating the values of empathy given to the target adopter. The most effective social marketing promotion strategy used to obtain and change members' behavior was through direct selling, which was done by word-of-mouth by Sebung members by inviting friends to join.

Conclusion: Sebung Surabaya succeeded in making the word-of-mouth media or direct selling as their promotional media. The existence of personal trust because both know each other so that it makes word-of-mouth media effective and successful.