The Determination of Optimal Structure of the Fund of Evaluative Means in Organizing an Independent Work

  • Kuzmina N. D., Rodionov A. V., Lesnikov I. N., Mospan T. S., Kupriyanova Yu. V.


A particular place in the Federal State Educational Standard of basic general education takes a system of achievement’s evaluation of planned results of education. It requires the so-called evaluative means and methods of evaluation that let determine a level of achievements of planned results of the main educational program of general education.

The seeing a concrete level of knowledge, skills and abilities let a teacher make corrections in the further process of teaching. It allows to make required remarks and recommendations and to show his or her attitude to a student’s diligence too [2].

It is students’ independent work that influences on development of cognitive, regulative, personal and communicative universal educational operations immensely. A correctly formed FEM used when organizing the independent work takes a particular meaning. The absence of methodic recommendations or approaches to form such a fund is a problem nowadays. When creating a fund a teacher must be able to evaluate a lot of factors that influence on effectiveness of the usage of evaluative means correctly and objectively. 

The main component of a student’s independent work is homework. The fulfillment of homework happens without a teacher’s help. The organization of homework has always been a topical issue. It demands a serious attention of a teacher to the possible educational and personal results of its fulfillment by a student.

In such a way an issue of forming an optimal structure of a set of evaluative means when organizing homework becomes topical.

An approach to form an optimal structure of a set of evaluative means when organizing homework based on building an optimization model is offered in the paper. With the help of the expert marks’ method a matrix of connections of evaluative means and criteria of complication is built; an optimal set of evaluative means on the discipline “Information Sciences and ICT” is formed for students of the 7th grade.

The developed approach to form an optimal fund of evaluative means can be used by teachers who know ICT competences in the framework of any disciplines taught in comprehensive schools.

The built model of an optimal forming of the FEM can be realized not only for organization of students’ independent work. This method is a universal for building any FEM of any discipline.