Servant Leadership as a Mediator on the Relationship between Mindfulness and Service Climate among Supervisors

  • Dhevy Puswiartika, Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, Marina Sulastiana, Diana Harding


The present study investigated the relationship between mindfulness and service climate among a sample of supervisors. Relying on the mindfulness framework, we argue that dispositional mindfulness has an impact on workplace outcomes, include service climate. Servant leadership tested as mediators of this relationship. This study was an explanatory survey among supervisors of the railway transportation service provider in Jakarta, Indonesia. The quota sampling technique was performed. The participants in this study were 357 supervisors. They filled the self-report questionnaires. The data analyzed by using Structural Equation Modelling with Lisrel 8.7 software. Results indicated that those with greater mindfulness report more positive service climate’ perception,and greater servant leadership. As expected, the relationship between mindfulness and service climate was mediated by servant leadership.The theoretical implication of this study was the empirical evidence regarding the mechanism that mediates the impact of mindfulness on workplace outcomes, with servant leadership as a potential mediating role. Results support the usefulness of further examination of the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace context.