The Review of the Concept of Family Education Based on the Qur'an Perspective

  • Abd. Basir, M. Daud Yahya, Ahmad Muradi, Rahmat Sholihin, Tamjidnor


Background: Family education guidance for children, among others, unwittingly has been interrupted by the existence of uncontrolled technology, methods of education and the approach of parents in raising, and educating and preparing education for children. For this purpose various studies must be carried out in order to get the right understanding and application in order to obtain models and approaches that are easily explained by parents.

Purpose: The purpose of this qualitative study was to try to understand the factors that become the reference of parents in educating children in the family in accordance with Islamic guidance and perspectives from the source of the Holy Qur'an.

Method: To understand what approaches are needed by families, a series of supporting literature studies through the interpretation of maudhu'iy have been carried out. The literature review was also supported by various theories related to the concept of children's education in the Qur'an.

Results: Finally, we were able to summarize some of the notes, among others: First, the educational guidelines for children in the family according to the Qur'an consists of several terms, namely tarbiyah, ta'lim and tazkiyah. These three education systems also explain the system of the moral development stage of children with the initial stage being given tarbiyah education, the middle being given religious education and finally being given tazkiyah education. Second, the three aspects of the term education tarbiyah, ta'lim and tazkiyah from the stage of moral development of children, the educational methods provided to children in accordance with the Koran are methods of advice, stories, examples, demonstrations with material aqidah, halal, haram, morals and worship.

Conclusion: The findings of this study are expected to be able to enrich the repertoire and guidance of parents in preparing children's education in families that are sourced from us holy al-quran and other Islamic relevant texts.