Parenting Drawing Guidance for Teenagers Intention

  • Chen, I-Ju, Hung, Ming-Kuo Chang, Yu-Heng, Lin, Yi-Kai, Wey, Tzong-Ming


Drawing is the most natural medium of expression for teenagers, because they can express their feelings without any language. During the process of drawing, teenagers might express themselves naturally, while learning drawing methods and getting along with everyone happily Family Counseling Center (FCC) provide programs can help single parent to motivate teenager’s positive behaviors through different life learning philosophies with professional knowledge from different fields, so that teenagers who need their parent’s guidance can become normal. This study adopted the Theory of Planed Behavior (TPB) (Ajzen, 1985; 1991) as the theoretical foundation. The reason was because the TPB can create better models to predict more complex and particular behavior patterns than general behavioral theories can. And it can decompose belief into several constructs to help understand which factors had greater influences on behavioral intention. Thus the research subjects were single parents who had participated in the 5 Family Counseling Center workshops in August of 2019. The questionnaire was designed to examine junior high school single parents to participate in drawing guidance curriculums. A total of 150 questionnaires were distributed to the 5 FCC workshops in Taiwan. Regarding signal parent participation in drawing single parent guidance curriculums, “attitude”, “subjective norms”, and “perceived behavioral control” were significantly related to “participate in drawing guidance curriculums intention”. The result of the study shows that the more positive single parent attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control regarding participation intention to were, the higher their intentions to participate were. Perceived behavioral control and attitude were factors which significantly influenced single parent participation in drawing guidance curriculums.