Creativity Engineering Marketing Strategy of Traditional “Betawi Ora” Food in Bekasi, West Java

  • Dhian Tyas Untari


Food is a historical part of human development and part of cultural products. Betawi Ora is one of the tribes in Bekasi. The existence of Betawi Ora traditional foods is decreasing, so that requires every businessman and traditional Betawi Ora food craftsman to modify his marketing strategy so that it can exist in the market. Based on this, the research aims to build a traditional Betawi Ora food marketing strategy by involving all stakeholders as respondents and processed descriptively using the EFAS / IFAS Matrix and the Grand Matrix. The results showed that in marketing traditional Betawi Ora food are; it was necessary to change the B2B strategy to B2C, maximize the function of social media as a promotional media and build supply chains both forward and backward. With this strategy it is expected that entrepreneurs and traditional Betawi Ora food craftsmen can serve and maximize opportunities.