Canal Tourism Potential of Central Regions in Thailand

  • Waleerak Sittisom, Witthaya Mekhum


This study is conducted in the central regions of Thailand. The aim of this study is to determine the potential of the canal tourism. The sustainable use principles have been considered so that the area under study and its surroundings are very well protected. The methodological design proposed for the detection of the most suitable areas for the tourism while protecting the natural resources in the area. In this paper a V Wert method has been developed for the identification of the utilization of the area under research and the surrounding areas. The V Wert method is used to creats a potential map of the canal tourism. The factors used for the evaluation of the tourism potential include activity values, waterside, forest, relief, transportation and climate. The ratios used for the evaluation of the factors are as follows. 97 % implies very good, 9.11 % implies good, 21.176 % implies average, 40.3 % implies weak and 19.7 % is used for very weak areas.