Case Study: E-Learning Via EF English Live As A Means To Improve Competitiveness Among University Staff In The Framework Of Portfolio Project Management

  • O. B. Kenzhaliyev, G. K. Kassymova, B. M. Triyono, M. N. A. Azman, Zh. B. Ilmaliyev


 This case study observes how Satbayev university staff develop their academic skills in English language proficiency via EF English live platform. The wide consumption of digital technologies in education has introduced the need for research on its effect on human cognition and as well as learning and teaching quality. E-learning plays an increasingly important role in education. However, several questions about the effectiveness of e-learning on cognitive development remain unclear. The current case study describes cognitive competence based on the e-learning system. Authors outline that human cognition should be developed in the e-learning environments since the young generation lives in the digital century and some things might be done by artificial intelligence to some extent without human being’s participation; some latest research was reviewed regarding digital education. This study uses a qualitative study design by using case study and interview data collection instruments. An interview was conducted with the EF English Live coordinator about this case study project at Satbayev university. The EF English Live online platform was analyzed as an experiment e-learning program that has been studying by 152 staff at Satbayev University in Almaty, Kazakhstan to improve their English language proficiency and to develop their competitiveness. The results showed a positive learning outcome in terms of cognitive development; a survey conducted in November 2019 provided a positive satisfaction in the e-learning environments in adult education.