The Possibility of Including Medical Institutions into Global Rankings

  • Victor Ryabov, Vladimir Ananishnev, Valentin Fursov, Alexander Tkachenko, Svetlana Osmolovskaya, Tatiana Frolova


The concept of modernization of higher ­vocational education makes Russian universities put a priority on occupying ­top positions in international rankings. The study discusses the possibility of medical universities to be included into global rankings. The methodology for solving this issue involves effective monitoring of scientific activities based on a system of indicators unified with international standards. The set of indicators is determined by the characteristics of the global university rankings: THE, QS, ARWU, which are defined by the level of academic activity of the university. The study assesses the possibilities of leading Moscow medical universities to enter the global ranking by the number of scientific publications in W0S and Scopus. The research may be of practical value for the university management, specialists, researchers studying scientometrics, students, and teachers.