Social Exchange and Asymmetry Information: The Double Mediation Model on The Relationship between Overall Justice and OCBS

  • Waskito Jati, Riani Asri Laksmi, Suyono Joko, Setiawan Ahmad Ikhwan


The purpose of this study examine the mediating role LMX, trust on leadership and sequentially with the asymmetry of information on the relationship between overall justice and OCBS. The survey method by visiting directly to the respondents produced 789 medical workers in the Central Java Health Center. The SPSS Macro test results with one moderator variable indicate that LMX, trust in leadership, and negative affection mediate the relationship between overall justice and OCBS.  However, in the settings at the community health centers, this study has not been successful in involving information asymmetry variables, either acting as a single mediator or shared in sequence with social exchange variables.