Pedagogical Conditions for Implementing an Interactive Learning Strategy

  • Korvyakov V., Taulanov S., Nassybullina A., Umerjanova Zh., Ashirbayeva N., Ilimkhanova L


Development is an integral part of any human activity. By accumulating experience, improving methods, methods of action, expanding their mental capabilities, a person thereby constantly evolving.

The same process is applicable to any human activity, including pedagogical activity. At different stages of its development, the society presented increasingly new standards, demands on the labor force. This necessitated the development of the education system.

One of the means of such development is innovative technologies, i.e. this is a fundamentally new ways, methods of interaction between teachers and students, ensuring the effective achievement of the result of pedagogical activity.

The problem of innovative technologies has been and continues to be occupied by a large number of talented scientists and educators. Among them, V.I.Andreev, I.P.Podlasay, professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences K.K.Colin, doctor of pedagogical sciences V.V.Shapkin, V.D.Simonenko, V.A.Slastenin and others. All of them have made an invaluable contribution to the development of innovative processes in Kazakhstan.

The object of research of this course work is the process of development of education as an integral pedagogical system, and the subject of research is innovative pedagogical technologies, as an integral part of the object of research.