Implementation of Restitution as Victims Recovery in Human Trafficking Crime

  • H Radea Respati Paramudhita, Obsatar Sinaga


The government managed to reduce human trafficking level. However, legal form issue that emphasizes the protection of victims does not get much attention. In other words, there has been no comprehensive effort in legal protection through recovery and compensation process for victims. Victims are entitled to restitution, following procedures based on statutory. Many studies focused on discussing and arguing over the mechanisms and authorized institutions to help victims receive restitution. The question is, how would the victim benefited by the implementation of the restitution rest unsolved problem. That matter is related to the substitution of restitution with confinement. Moreover, the role of third parties, that possibly warrant the restitution payments is not maximized and the extent of state's role in the fulfillment of restitution to the possibility of compensation as substitution of restitution.