Women Awareness and the Protection on Human Rights of Female Batik Artisan at East Java

  • Emy Susanti, Lanny Ramli, Sutinah, Tri Soesantari


This article was written based on an empirical study that aims to reveal: (1) whether there is women awareness among female batik artisans on the issues of women human rights; (2) how the protection of human rights among female batik artisan at the workplace and in the family. This research was conducted in two villages of batik artisans whose existence has been going on for generations since decades ago, namely Telaga Biru village, Bangkalan Regency and Gaji village, Tuban Regency in East Java Province. The subjects of this study were female batik artisans and batik workshop owners who lived in these villages. Data collection methods used in this study were in-depth interview techniques on 20 informants and interview techniques using a questionnaire on 198 respondents of batik artisans who were chosen purposefully. The result of this study reveal that; First, there was growing awareness on the issues of women human rights among female batik artisans. Secondly, there was lack protection of human rights of female batik artisans in the workplace and in the family, even since the growth of this traditional handmade batik industry decades ago.