Analysis of the Local Potential Attraction in Sipin Lake Jambi City

  • Heriberta, Shofia Amin, Dwi Hastuti


Sipin lake is one of the potential attractions in the city of Jambi. The development of aspects of natural resources on the potential of Sipin Lake has the carrying capacity in the strategic development of Jambi City. This research aims to show how the strategies are appropriate for the development plan of the Sipin Lake tourist attraction towards the government, respondent/visitor/tourist, community, chairman of household, and member of parliament response of Jambi City. The research was a case study of Sipin lake in Jambi City. The data were collected by questionnaires, interviews, and websites. Then the data were analyzed by using SWOT analysis to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the development of water objects spin lake In Jambi city. The data used for the analysis are primary and secondary data. The sample size (n = 102) was selected by the purposive random sampling method. Based on the results of the SWOT show that water recreation especially marine tourism and nature tourism as prioritized statistics with the development of jogging tracks as the initial stage. Along with these strategies the development of water tourism spin lake in Jambi needs to be done a touch of modern technology to build the design of water tourism architecture making spin lake as an icon of Jambi city. The development of Sipin Lake water tourism will be a place of recreation, especially for the people of Jambi City.