Counteracting Radicalism through Islamic Religious Learning with Nationalist Insights

  • Tedi Priatna, Teti Ratnasih


One of the reasons for the emergence and development of radicalism that metamorphoses in the form of terrorism is a narrow religious understanding. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze the efforts that can be made to counter radicalism (terrorism) with a broad understanding of religion through the learning of the Islamic vision of nationalism. The methodology used is a critical analysis that focuses on the learning of Islamic religion with a national perspective, namely providing understanding, appreciation, fertilizing, and giving experiences to students about Islam that cannot be separated from the national context. The results of the analysis and findings of this study indicate that the function of Islamic learning is the prevention of negative influences from thoughts, understandings or culture that are not in accordance with Islamic values ​​and nationality. The methodology of learning the Islamic religion in no way implies justification for the ways of violence and coercion of the will. Islamic religious textbooks should prioritize Islamic values ​​about beauty, tolerance, diversity, nationality and Indonesian-ness. The impact of this study can change the paradigm of radical Islam and "Islamophobia" on the world community, that by learning Islamic religion with a nationalist perspective, Islam can accept differences and oppose radical attitudes.