Effect of Human Resource Capability and Technology on Organizational performance: Moderating role of Organizational Culture

  • M. Farid Wajdi, Marlina Widiyanti, Desmintari, Purbudi Wahyuni


The present study examined the role of technology, human resource capabilities on the organizational performance of small business enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. In addition, the role of organizational culture in causal aspect was also investigated as the moderating role of organizational culture among the relationship of human resource capabilities and technology on organizational performance. A total of 244 valid responses have been taken by the distribution of self-administrative questionnaires among the respondents of the study. One of the probability sampling, simple random sampling has employed to get the response. With regards to the proposed hypotheses all the direct hypotheses have significant and positive impact on the organizational behaviour. The findings of the study revealed that the human resource capabilities, technology significantly and positively influence the organizational performance. Nevertheless, the moderating effects of organizational culture among the relationship of human resource capabilities, innovation on organizational performance have been reported not supported. Generally, these results supported the view that the human resource capabilities like training and development, skills, innovation with the help of adoption of latest technology can enhance the organizational performance. In addition, increase the competitiveness of the organization. Finally, the theoretical, methodological and practical implications as well as limitations and suggestions for future research are provided in this study.