The Indonesian Anti-Corruption Education: A Frame working Study of its Educational System

  • Parji, Fida Chasanatun, Satrijo Budiwibowo, Asri Musandy W


This paper is about to develope the Indonesian anti-corruption teaching model by writing a biographical recension of its fighters. The step refers to the preeliminary investigation of Akker's Educational Design Research with the activity details including questionnaires given to 50 social science Lecturers and 100 students, interviews to three teaching experts, and an analysis of 5 local journals about the existing models and their effectiveness. The results of this initial stage of the research are the teaching model framework that are equipped with the social systems, syntax, principal of reaction, support systems and the impacts. The novelty of this model is the inspiring Indonesian anti-corruption fighters which closely related to the student learning mastery showed in their recensions. The learning information supports and anti-corruption atmosphere possibly set the students to find the spirit and it was matched to the anti-corruption learning objectives.