What Makes Farmers in ACEH Still in Poverty?

  • Saifuddin Yunus, Suadi Zainal, Fadli Jalil, Khalsiah


Poverty is a common issue faced by almost every country in the world. If poverty cannot be completely eliminated at least be reduced. This study discusses the problems faced by farmers in Aceh that keep them being trapped in the poverty line. This research was carried out in three districts in Aceh: Aceh Tamiang, Central Aceh, and Pidie Jaya. Current study uses mixed methods employing both qualitative and quantitative approach. The questionnaire was distributed to 300 respondents and six informants were interviewed. Qualitative data were analyzed using descriptive analysis with three data analysis procedures: data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. While quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS. The results of the study concluded that the problem faced by farmers in Aceh today relates to capital issue, post-harvest processing, agricultural products and infrastructure problems such as roads and bridges. Inadequate capital certainly affects agricultural production. In addition, the produce after being harvested is mainly sent to the market directly without any processing which affect farmers' incomes. Additionally, the shortage of infrastructure particularly transportation facilities which has direct impact on the transportation costs of the produces also affect the income of farmers. Those problems are responsible for farmers’ less-prosperity regardless farmers’ time spent in farming for almost part of their lives.