Fiction and Nonfiction Novel: Characteristics Possessed To Allure The Reader

  • Khalsiah, M. Husnan Lubis, Apridar, Nurul Fadhillah, Ratri Candrasari, Jufridar, Dini Rizki


Fiction and nonfiction are two broad genres in prose that contradict each other. While fiction dwells on imaginary world, characters and events, nonfiction will incline to a record of real historical figures and actual events that happened in the past or is happening at present. Readers of nonfiction sometimes attack fiction readers, and vice versa, on how wasteful their reading materials. Both sides have a strong argument to insist on reading that particular genre. Nevertheless, that differences actually a part of charm possessed by fiction and nonfiction prose itself. Fiction and nonfiction provide different attraction toward various readers. As all readers have their own preference in reading, naturally they will choose the genre that captivates them the most. In this article, the discussion will be in the vicinity of characteristics each genre carried out and in which part of it the genres are able to draw in and maintain their readers. In addition, the article will explain terms (short story, novel, biography, essay, etc.) that often known in each genre as a derivative work of fiction and nonfiction prose.