The Politic of the So’leran Body: An Effort to Reclaim the Masculinity of Madurese Men

  • Novi Kamalia, Emy Susanti


In Madura, women are the main determinant in cultural and social recognition of male masculinity. It is because women are those among the first who create and give control and power to call the men (whom they marry) as lake’ or tak lake’. The term of tak lake’ not only marks the disappearance of the biological function of maleness, but also the loss of a man’s “self-esteem” in this highly patriarchal culture. The more terrible thing is when this predicate of tak lake’ triggering the so’ler. How does the political body of so’leran constructs the gender relations of Madurese men and women in the domestic circle? Together with descriptive qualitative methods, the researcher deepens this research by using Foucault’s genealogical perspective. Meanwhile, a case study approach is also used for this research. In this research, the researcher finds the fact that the political body of so’leran is made and divided into two ways, namely discipline and panopticon. Another fact is that the relationship of power and knowledge of the Madurese male masculinity discourse has punished the body of a man by calling it tak lake’, for it is unable to meet the expectations of masculinity constructed by Madurese society. Thus, men use strategies to maintain and preserve their masculinity in Madurese patriarchal culture.