Development Based on Local Wisdom

  • Musta’in Mashud


Development theories adept to the dialectic of human progress. The dominant development theory in developing country is modernism. Progress in development theory is historically classified in two generations. There are also alternatives to conventional development theory namely people oriented development theory and local wisdom development theory. People or human centered development is important because when quality of life is improved, then societal progress will be achieved. Local wisdom is the ability of a society to develop and sustain itself without being connected to the modern developmental paradigm. Citanduy and Subak Bali are chosen as example for a well-established local wisdom development. Modernization does not develop a developing country, but it develops in developing countries; it has destructive effect because the public plays the role of a spectator, not a developer. That is why, local wisdom based community-oriented development is important to be implemented in developing country because the capitalists do not act as developer but instead the community is the developer.