Source of Information and Knowledge of Pregnant Women and Toddler Moms Concerning Child’s Growth and Dental Development in Poor Community

  • Thalca Hamid, Emy Susanti, Satiti Kuntari, Siti Mas’udah


Mother has a very important role in determining the level of health, including oral health in her children. The objectives of this research are mapping the source of knowledge of pregnant women and toddler moms about dental health and oral cavity of children under five. An action research was conducted using quantitative methods supported with qualitative data with a gender perspective approach. This study was conducted in East Java, Indonesia. The subjects of this study were pregnant women and toddler moms, as well as health workers from puskesmas (public health center) and local community leaders in poor communities in the study area. The result from this study is the development of a model of empowering pregnant women in optimizing the growth and development of children's teeth in poor communities in East Java with a gender perspective. A health program with a gender perspective that focuses on the special needs of women with poverty needs will provide more optimal results, specifically dental and oral health in children while playing the role of women as a major. The results of this study show the knowledge of pregnant women and toddlers about the growth and development of children's teeth that have started since the pregnant woman has not maximized the maximum preparation of the mother to improve the child's tooth development when the pregnant woman is not maximized. Furthermore, it is necessary to increase the socialization of the growth and development of children's teeth during pregnancy and improve children's dental health at 1000 days of birth by increasing concentration and increasing health materials at the meeting of family members or organizations.