Applying the Performance Prism Method to Evaluate Performance of School: A Case Study in Pondok Pesantren Darul Quran Mojokerto

  • Mahmud Tontowi, Yatim Riyanto, Soedjarwo, Indriyati Adawiyah, Sugi Hartono


This article aims to evaluate the performance of a boarding school by using the performance prism method in Islamic Boarding School of Darul Quran Mojokerto, Indonesia. The five facets of performance prism, there are stakeholder satisfaction, strategies, processes, capabilities, and stakeholder contributions. This study uses mixed methods with Expert Choice 11 computer software to analyze the results of the performance prism's contribution. The result shows that the continuity of the institution will be better because it puts stakeholder satisfaction as an important priority. In addition, because the performance measurement starts from the wishes of stakeholders, the performance in a foundation is better. This can be seen in the calculation of contributions, it appears that students have a weight of 0.458 as the highest and final result for the perspective of the community whose weight value is 0.044.