Relationship between Lecturers' Competences and Student Academic Achievement in Indonesian Public Universities

  • Muhammad Azis, La Ode Hasiara, Amirullah Abduh


Since there is a limited publication on Indonesian universities, this study aims to explore a direct and indirect relationship between four lecturers’ competencies and students’ academic achievement index in Indonesian public universities. This study used a quantitative approach using the Partial Least Square (PLS) model, with the data testing using SPSS Version for Windows 20. The research used 206 participants from two public Indonesian universities ranging from semester 2 and semester 8. The results showed there are two types of relationships between lecturers’ competences and student academic achievement index in public universities. Among the four competencies, professional competence has a strong positive and significant effect on-campus services provided to students of the public universities in Indonesia. Similarly, campus services provided to students have a positive and significant influence on the academic achievement index of students in state universities. The higher the campus provides students’ services, the more direct the student's academic achievement index will be. On the other hand, the professional and personality competences have a significant indirect effect on student achievement indexes. This study implies that lecturers should equip themselves with competencies so that they can deliver academic lecturers and services at the best level for students.