Cognitive Restructuring Through Prayer Against Depression Decrease (A Study On Cancer And Prisoner Patients)

  • Umar Yusuf, Rizka Hadian Permana, Aghita, Yunda, Dewi Sartika


Depression is a medical disease that negatively affects one's feelings, ways of thinking, and ways of acting. The aim of the study is to obtain a picture of the extent to which the effectiveness of cognitive restructuring through prayer can reduce depressive symptoms in cases of newly convicted military prisoners and breast cancer sufferers who have recurred with their illnesses, both of which indicate severe depression. The research design used a single-case experimental design. The measuring instrument used the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Research subjects were Muslims depressed sufferers of military prisoners and breast cancer sufferers who experienced a recurrence. The results showed inmates cases of depression decreased by 46.9%, while for cancer patients by 63.46%. Changes in the degree of depression from both clients change from severe to mild conditions.