The use of Information Technology as a Mediator on the Effect of Transformational Leadership and Creativity towards Student Achievement

  • Achmad Sani Supriyanto, Vivin Maharani Ekowati, Masyhuri Machfudz, Aliyah Nur Rosyidah


Transformational leadership, creativity, and information technology are expected to improve students’ academic achievement in educational institutions. The purpose of this study, is to determine the direct effect of transformational leadership, creativity, and the use of information technology as a mediator towards student achievement. This is an explanatory research with data collected from 205 students of NU Senior High School 1 Gresik consisting of a total of 419 students. Data were obtained by distributing questionnaires to respondents from 6 types of extracurricular activities. The result was tested using the validity and reliability test, and processed with Smart PLS software version 3.0. The results showed that Transformational leadership, creativity, and information technology has a direct and significant effect on student achievement.