High Other Thinking Skill Based Assessment Literation In The Junior High School School Jakarta

  • Dinny Devi Triana, Rivo Panji Yudha, Lucy Nasution


The purpose of this study is to: (1) map teacher assessment literacy based on High Other Thinking Skills (HOTS) in diagnosing students' abilities in art learning, (2) correlating between dimensions of teacher assessment literacy as a tool in carrying out classroom assessments, and (3) reflecting teacher assessment literacy for improvement in conducting classroom assessments. The research method uses a survey from the MGMP group of Art Teachers in DKI Jakarta as a result of a self-assessment of teacher understanding studies in carrying out assessments to measure students' thinking abilities based on high other thinking skills. The results of the study obtained a mapping of teacher's assessment literacy, in understanding the assessment methods used to gather information, so as to measure student achievement, and be able to communicate the results of assessments effectively that are not merely recalling, restating, or refer without processing (recite). Literacy instrument assessment of art and culture teacher based on HOTS is measured from 3 dimensions, namely disposition, knowledge, and performance which has a reliability of 0.981. After being mapped literacy assessment of teachers has a lack of disposition, which has an impact on the performance of the ability to construct issues of art and culture based on HOTS. especially in measuring students' critical, creative, and innovative thinking abilities in junior high school.