Treatment Service to Juvenile Sexual Offender and the Victim

  • Sarwirini, Amira Paripurna, Astutik, Norazlina binti Abdul Azis


This study aims to examine whether, under the new legislation (Law No. 12 concerning Juvenile Justice System), the treatment service in the juvenile law system in Indonesia has adequately implemented based on the best interest of the child principle to the juvenile sexual offenders and their victims. With this objective, this study explores the treatment and legal approach to a juvenile who commits sex offenses against a minor and the victim. The result of this study shows that the treatment and legal approach is taken to handle the case of a juvenile who commit sex offenses against minor has not reflected the best of interest of the child. Children who commit sexual assault against minors do not get treatments and adequate rehabilitation based on their needs. Similarly, the victims have a lack of access to get available services for rehabilitation and recovery. The recognition of the rights of the victim in the juvenile justice system is lacking. Thus, it has an impact on the programs for dealing with the case of juveniles who commit sex offenses against minors.