Women Characters In Australian Short Stories As Seen From The Authentic Realist Approach

  • Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin, Siti Eko Widjayati


The research is seeking for the elements of the Authentic Realism approach in five Australian short stories by Julie Keyes, Judith Ebun, Jess Roberts, Airdre Grant, and Margot Titcher, to which an authentic realist reader would respond. The content analysis method is used in searching for the depth and significance of the texts. Several aspects such as a depiction of the characters, strong female characters, the form and language of the text, the relation of the text to the author and experience are taken to obtain the reader's response by way of an Authentic Realism approach. The findings show that the short stories: My Mother’s New Boyfriend, Souvenir, Heartbreak Hotel, Lovers Knot and Someone Else are proof that women have their own perspectives and reactions. The female characters make their own choice themselves devoid of men’s influence. Despite Jim’s idleness, unwaged condition and dependency Mother remains his girlfriend. Mother’s previous boyfriends are mostly similar to Jim’s characteristics. Lynne told Mark that she has a lump in one of her breast and will soon have a mastectomy. Being disappointed and scared to picture Lynne with one breast, and lopsided, Mark decides to leave her. The female character in Lovers Knot enjoys having an unusual sex life with Gary. Her meeting with Jeff is only a break from her routine. In Heartbreak Hotel, Mum seems to be a typical ordinary wife with a moody husband. But it turns out that she is extraordinary for she handles all the problems single-handed including her sex life. Deirdre decides to take her new post in Perth after Paul snubs her. The decisions are theirs. The choice may not be perfect, but the choice is made. The writing style of the texts shows that the authors are experienced and know very well how to use the form and language to communicate with their (women) readers. Since the theme of the texts is mostly about daily life experience, (women) readers will find no difficulty in reading them; they can even share their feelings and experience with the characters in the texts. Moreover, by using authentic realist approach students of the English Department learn more about women's writings.