Hélèn Junot’s Struggle In Judith Gould’s Novel Sins Seen From The Perspective Of Psychoanalytic Feminism

  • Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin, Siti Eko Widjayati


The research was about Hélène Junot, the major character in the SINS. Hélène had a very dreadful life when she had to witness Maman, who was expecting a baby, tortured by the Nazis. Her older sister, Catharine was raped and her baby sister, Marie was burnt on her belly. The feminist psychological approach was applied in the research to find about Hélène's background for searching the two Nazis who had tortured Maman, Catharine, and Marie. The result of the research showed that after Hélène met with Schmidt, she became helpless since Schmidt was no longer a whole man. His two legs and genitals were gone after he stepped on a mine in Russia. She made a deal with Karl von Eiderfeld, the albino, by making him one of her stockholders in Hélène Junot International Inc., unless von Eiderfeld preferred to have his document as a war criminal handed to the Israelis authorities. Hélène had a natural talent for fashion and dreamed that one day she would be a fashion magazine publisher. She became Madame Dupré's assistant. It was Madame Dupré who had encouraged her to go to Paris to start her carrier. During an art exhibition, she met Odile Joly, a prominent designer who was attracted to her beauty and manners. When working as Madame Dupré's seamstress, Hélène met Hubert de Legér who had fallen in love with her at first sight and became obsessed by her beauty. Later, Hélène became Comte de Legér’s mistress (Hubert’s father) and was saving money by selling all the jewelry that the Comte had given her to start looking for the two Nazis and fulfilling her childhood dream. Hélène was later married to Stanislaw Kowalsky, a distinguished concert pianist, but the marriage only lasts a few months. Hubert de Legér had murdered Stanislaw out of jealousy and hatred. From the money she got from Comte de Legér and Stanislaw, Hélène was able to trace the two Nazis and established Hélène Junot International Inc. She then married Siegfred Bavier, but again it did not last long. Siegfried died in his office. Despite her success in finding the two Nazis, Hélène was not content. Her life became complete and whole after she met Nigel Somerset, who later married her.