The Values Of Bundo Kanduang Ethics In Indonesia

  • Misnal Munir, Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin


In Minangkabau culture, Bundo Kanduang occupies a central position in social life. Bundo Kanduang is a very important women’s institution. She is described as a wise woman. The Minangkabau customary tambo (folk stories) depicts Bundo Kanduang as a leader who determines the course of government. As a woman, she is not the only solace in meetings, not as a decoration, or just a compliment. However, Bundo Kanduang has an equal place with other elites in the government. She is understood as a female figure in the ethnic group/clan who becomes the leader in the Rumah Gadang (Big House). Bundo Kanduang is a woman who is looked up to, respected, and glorified for her charisma, intelligence, and expertise in managing and leading everyone who lives in the Rumah Gadang. As a respected central figure in the Minangkabau culture, Bundo Kanduang must have moral or ethical principles. With her strong and high moral character and moral or ethical principles, Bundo Kanduang plays the role of the central figure in the Minangkabau community and also in educating children.